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Great things come from extraordinary people. If you want to be well respected for your success, your efforts will be tested. You will have to put in work and push yourself harder than before continuously, in order to get somewhere you’ve never been before. All I know is that, the word repetition is important, just look it up and you will see that BreezePark is the definition. Having to bench press skepticism, squat out nonbelievers, and prove to others constantly why they deserve some recognition is all the gratification that you need to agree with the definition of reps.

“I get no respect, cuz they ain’t see me yet,” that’s right if you haven’t seen or heard of the young and talented BreezePark, let Prescribed Music be the first to officially introduce to you the new wave. Spend some time trolling through their Soundcloud and you understand what I’m talking about. A new generation of rap has spurred by Jay-R, CvmQuest, TySafari and Rye embracing each’ owns musical creativity and unique sound. Constantly making a name for themselves in their hometown of Suffolk, Virginia, more and more rap fans should honestly wake up and jump on the bandwagon now. BreezePark shows no signs of slowing down and their success goes further than their major cosigns from huge artists like Pusha-T and Pharrell.

Go check out their ‘Strangers EP’ after this and you will certainly see why the future of BreezePark is looking very bright. From Know Me to Reps anyone can simply tell that this group is full of talent. Showing a great deal of passion for making music is something BreezePark is not shy of, and from that they gradually continue to make noise over the music scene and provide fans with dope energy within their music. As an independent label starting out in the music game, everything from building connects, finding potential features, or even producers and videographers to work with can seem a bit tense at first. Relying solely on their craft, BreezePark has been able to overcome major struggles, keep those studio lights on, the music flowing and build up upon themselves as young artists.

There are many struggles that artists who are independent face during their come up, that being said, creating your own opportunities by building connections with people may be top priority. From scratch, this could be one of those stumbling stones that artists find to be difficult. To BreezePark confidence is the key, confidence is also something that Jay-R, CvmQuest, TySafari and Rye all have in common. These guys are all incredibly gifted and their music alone speaks immeasurably as far as the growth of the Virginia music scene as a whole. VA has a crazy amount of dope artist who have made a name and or are currently making a lot of noise. In regards to BreezePark, people should be super excited to see what is next as far as upcoming projects go.

After reading this write up, we really hope that you get a chance to listen to some of BreePark’s songs, show them some love, and continue to keep support for the boys alive. Music has no limits to where it can take you and everyone should stay tuned in, because we’re excited for the future of BreezePark and ready for them to take over the scene. Just remember, “I get no respect, cuz they ain’t see me yet” sincerely BreezePark.

In all, the collective, BreezePark, is making noise within the music community relatively fast and the best part is that they are only getting started. Stop sleeping on the collective and make sure to check out their vibes in order to comprehend what they have to offer as special artists. The Prescribed Music family had the honor of joining BreezePark in an interview and we would love to say that we are excited for what the collective has in store for the future of music. You should definitely be on the lookout for upcoming releases and also check us out at for more BreezePark news. Listen to a couple of our favorite tracks from the group:

View the interview that we had with BreezePark below:

PRESCRIBED MUSIC: How did the name Breeze Park come along?

BREEZEPARK: When BreezePark was just a trio before rye joined we were based out of BreezePort in the northern part of Suffolk , we did some of our first recordings/music videos in that area around 2011. The park out BreezePort is where we found our love for the music through the skate sessions we used to have.

PRESCRIBED MUSIC: How long have you been making music and how did you get started?

BREEZEPARK: We started around 2011 as a collective w/  (Ty Safari / PLAY / CvmQuest) just recording songs together every weekend building our way until 2012 Rye joined and thats when we began our group streak w/ our very first group song/music video “DoomsDay”. Which led to our first mini project “HipHopStillLives” in 2012 and since then its been a go !

PRESCRIBED MUSIC: Being a rap group from Virginia, describe the sound and culture that most people are used to hearing and what are some influences that has helped you guys be more unique with your music?

BREEZEPARK: Honestly from VA theirs not specifically one sound due to the fact that the area is super diverse. You can literally discover any and everything musically in the area because the people are extremely creative and culturally mixed. We were def influenced by the greats this area has bred (ex:) Pharrell Williams , Missy Elliot , Timbaland and more.

PRESCRIBED MUSIC: What kind of music were you guys into growing up? What artists had a particular influence on you before you guys started your career?

BREEZEPARK: For the most part growing up we all had parents who had different varieties of music playing around us.

PRESCRIBED MUSIC: How does it feel to be an up and coming collective that received a major Co-sign from one of Virginia’s finest in Pusha T and could fans expect to see any future collaborations with him?

BREEZEPARK: It definitely feels amazing due to how much he’s put on for the area as well as encouraged others from the area to make things happen for themselves as well. It would be extremely awesome to do that , hopefully someday a collab could take place.

PRESCRIBED MUSIC: In your opinion, what is the hardest struggle about being an independent artist/collective?

BREEZEPARK: Probably building your connections from scratch. When you’re independent and starting out in this game, everything is on you and you’re pretty much isolated on day one. So everything you wanna be able to do, you gotta build connects to get to. Whether it’s a feature you want, a producer you wanna work with, or a music video you want to make with a videographer, you gotta go out and try and bridge the gap between you and them. It’s no calling up the label and telling them to set up a meeting. You gotta rely solely on your craft/art to reach the people you wanna reach. But we don’t have a problem doing that at all, were confident that what we’re putting out is gonna lead us in those directions.

PRESCRIBED MUSIC: Before Breeze Park came together, did all four group members already know each other and if not how did you guys link up?

BREEZEPARK: The rest of the group came together through (PLAY & CvmQuest). PLAY and CvmQuest met each other through myspace and began the BreezePark idea after a few skate sessions/hangouts. PLAY met Ty Safari knew of each other all through childhood from Parks and Rec so thats how they linked up later on. CvmQuest and Rye linked through highschool in a 10th grade history class. So PLAY brought Ty Safari in and CvmQuest brought in Rye.

PRESCRIBED MUSIC: Who are some artists that you guys enjoy listening to?

BREEZEPARK: We enjoy listening to many artists (ex:) Kid Cudi/ Drake / Kendrick Lamar / Kanye West /  Mick Jenkins / Chance The Rapper / Vic Mensa / GoldLink / Bon Iver / Elton John / and more.

PRESCRIBED MUSIC: If you could collaborate with any artist(s) dead or alive, who would it be?

BREEZEPARK: Pharrell Williams / Justin Timberlake / Erykah Badu / Chance The Rapper / James Faunterloy / Adam Levine & so many more ! haha

PRESCRIBED MUSIC: What can fans expect from a live Breeze Park performance? Also, what is the first thing that comes to mind when you step on stage to perform?

BREEZEPARK: An event with amazingly high energy .. lots of crowd surfing .. and more !

PRESCRIBED MUSIC: Any pre-show rituals before the collective take the stage?

BREEZEPARK: Lots of flexing and prayer .. haha

PRESCRIBED MUSIC: Where would you most like to perform, if given the opportunity?


PRESCRIBED MUSIC: Tell us something that fans would be surprised to know about Breeze Park?

BREEZEPARK: We all are from different parts of the world (Rye:Ohio) (Ty Safari:Germany) (PLAY:Hawaii) (CvmQuest:Germany)

PRESCRIBED MUSIC: If an individual never listened to your music before, what three tracks would you recommend from your discography?


PRESCRIBED MUSIC: What is one word to describe Breeze Park?


PRESCRIBED MUSIC: What do you guys hope to accomplish throughout your career?

BREEZEPARK: To be able to connect w/ the world in a way thats never been done before in a personal way , to help save and change as many lives as possible.

PRESCRIBED MUSIC: Specifically, in a sense that transcends beyond Hip-Hop, what defines creative genius to you?

BREEZEPARK: To force the world to adapt to your ideas rather than vice versa and to SHIFT THE CULTURE.

PRESCRIBED MUSIC: Do you have anything in the works that the fans should be excited for?

BREEZEPARK: Projects/Short Films/Merch and etc ..

PRESCRIBED MUSIC: What words of inspiration can you offer to today’s youth?

BREEZEPARK: Believe in yourself and do what makes YOU happy .. and SPREAD LOVE

PRESCRIBED MUSIC: Any shout outs?

BREEZEPARK: Shoutout to PRESCRIBED MUSIC first and foremost for being one of the first bigger platforms to post our content. Also big shoutouts to everyone that supports and continues to show love to our sounds on a day to day basis.

Lastly, thanks to BreezePark and their management team. It’s always love.

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