Issue 10 - Space Dolphin

“you may need to level up, before you battle us”

– Space Dolphin

Today, the Prescribed Music team wants to introduce, Space Dolphin, one of the 🌊🌊🌊 artists that you will ever hear within the music industry. For those that don’t know too much about Space Dolphin, he is a descendant of water, space, and the trees. More importantly, he is a dope artist that also has a special ability to produce unique vibes. It’s funny because the first time that I heard about Space Dolphin was maybe three years ago. My friend actually put me on and showed me a couple of his instrumentals on SoundCloud. Once my ears were blessed with instrumentals from his discography such as “Holy Sand“, “M I R A G E“, and “Pink Linen“, I immediately became a fan. Additionally, to put everything into perspective, our team has actually been listening to Space Dolphin before the inception of the Prescribed Music blog. That said, once we came up with the idea to start doing magazines we NEEDED Space Dolphin to bless us with the first issue. Fast forward to the present-day; we are on our 10th issue of the Prescribed Music magazine and it’s only right that Space Dolphin blesses us again.

Hailing from Seattle, the artist delivers a different vibe that is truly unmatched by many artists in the industry. Once you listen to Space Dolphin, you become a fan of his work. It’s actually hard to explain, but once you catch his wave, you recognize and appreciate his talent to make music. I think the main reason why our team loves his sound is because Space Dolphin exudes high-energy levels with every new release. Additionally, with every release, one notices the continued evolution of his creative genius, which in my opinion, illustrates his potential for sustained growth. All in all, listening to Space Dolphin once a day keeps the doctor away. He is one of my favorite artists to bump and I hope with the interview and selected tracks below, our amazing fan base get the opportunity to find a new favorite artist.

Again, the Prescribed Music family is lucky to share our interview of Space Dolphin with our growing community. Be on the lookout for upcoming releases and also check us out at for more Space Dolphin news. Before you check out the interview, listen to a couple of our favorite tracks from the artist:

View our interview with Space Dolphin below:

PRESCRIBED MUSIC: How long have you been making music and how did you get started?

I’ve been making music since like 6, but when i really started making serious shit i was 8 and i’d go into my dads office and hop on his Magix music maker program and put different loops together to form beats.

PRESCRIBED MUSIC: What kind of music were you into growing up? What artists had a particular influence on you before you started your career?

When I was growing up i’d hear a lot of mainstream rap at the time like Ludacris, Mike Jones, 50 Cent and more i can’t think of but they caught my ear. Lil Wayne and Drake are honestly the ones that influenced me, and still do but when weezy was dropping like 800 tapes a second back in my 7th grade year i was blown away fam. And Drakes “So Far Gone” tape is one of my favorite tapes of all time.

PRESCRIBED MUSIC: Who are some artists that you personally enjoy listening to?

I’m hella busy these days so i don’t get listen to as many artists music as i want to but at the moment i’m bumpin Kodak Black, Drizzy, Future, Fat Trel and hella SoundCloud artists of course lol.

 PRESCRIBED MUSIC: Since our team has followed your career closely, we wanted to know why the artist name change?

I’ve had several name changes, with stories behind them but the switch from Damon Daze to Space Dolphin was pretty sporadic. P2 and I were freestyling one day and i said “Polo coffin, space polo dolphin, take photos often, she sending picks” and he was like “Yooo did u just say space polo dolphin fam?” and i’m certain i ran with Space Dolphin after that since i was channeling my inner Water God then.

 PRESCRIBED MUSIC: If you could collaborate with any artist(s) dead or alive, who would it be?

Bruh. I HAVE to collab with Justin Timberlake & Timbaland on either some singles or a whole project because they’ve ONLY put out real classics that are different and have stuck with me forever. No lie. Plus, i have to collab with Drake, thats been the move since 8th grade.

PRESCRIBED MUSIC: What can fans expect from a live Space Dolphin performance? Also, what is the first thing that comes to mind when you step on stage to perform?

If you come out to a live Space Dolphin show, you can expect the venue to smell like loud first off. Secondly, you’ll feel pretty much the waviest you’ve ever felt before between the songs and the atmosphere you really have no other choice but to chill. But it’s also turnt!

PRESCRIBED MUSIC: Any pre-show rituals before you take the stage?

I always eat a light meal, and cop the big Smart water bottle before i hit the stage. Stay hydrated. I don’t smoke or drink though i need to be focused.

 PRESCRIBED MUSIC: Where would you most like to perform, if given the opportunity?

I would cry if i got to perform in Hawaii or Fiji like right on the beach or on a cliff overlooking the water and trees. That’d make my life.

PRESCRIBED MUSIC: Tell us something that fans would be surprised to know about Space Dolphin?

They’d be surprised to know that i’m a certified Cheese steward. Hahaha i can tell you all about cheese bruh. Literally.

PRESCRIBED MUSIC: If an individual never listened to your music before, what three tracks would you recommend from your discography?

1. GreenRoom Lite 2. Nightcrawler 3. Bobby Flay

PRESCRIBED MUSIC: What is one word to describe Space Dolphin?


PRESCRIBED MUSIC: What do you hope to accomplish throughout your career?

My goal since the beginning has been to save Earth. Both physically and morally. Not on any corny shit though, but you’ll see in the future. It’s a lot to wrap your mind around really. I just want to naturally change the minds of the youth into leaders and not followers ya know?

PRESCRIBED MUSIC: Specifically, in a sense that transcends beyond Hip-Hop or Rap, what defines creative genius to you?

Simply someone who creates what they love and has an organic aesthetic to their sounds/pieces that you can ONLY get from them. No clones. 

PRESCRIBED MUSIC: Do you have anything in the works that fans should be excited for?

My “Asian Mistress” ep.. should start the school year off smoothly. 

PRESCRIBED MUSIC: What words of inspiration can you offer to today’s youth?

Just remember what you do it all for at the end off the day. Don’t make stupid decisions that’ll limit your creativity or your freedom to create in general. Also, do NOT get jealous of what other niggas have. If you really work hard and make wise moves, you’ll be right up at the top in your own lane. Be you and have fun. 

PRESCRIBED MUSIC: Any shout outs?

MAJOR shoutout to Prescribed Music for supporting me the whole way fam! Shoutout IceWorld, VNKNWN, TSG & Retro Mob, Seno & Player 2 and yea all my fans!

PRESCRIBED MUSIC: What’s your favorite blogs to find music?

To be honest i don’t go on blogs besides tumblr but i follow them on twitter such as Prescribed music, Pigeons & Planes, Impose Magazine, etc.

Thank you to Space Dolphin for the interview

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