Nick Gray is truly an amazing artist who needs more appreciation for the art that he provides in the industry. My first introduction to Nick Gray was his video for “Favors”. I was introduced to the video early September of 2015. My boy emailed me and texted me to leave class and check out the video that he sent me. It’s funny because I actually excused myself from class, pulled up my boy’s email off my phone, and started bumping “Favors” while in the hallways. Honestly, I remember enjoying the video of Gray riding his scooter in a Boston neighborhood, shouting out Cousin Stizz metaphorically in a verse, and just crushing the vibes of the whole track. The music video made me want to meet Gray in person because the guy was fucking dope. Also, the producer on the track is finnesteban, but once I got to really understand Nick Gray’s movement, I found out that finnesteban is Gray himself, which elucidated the fact that Gray is a gifted artist with a passion for music.

Not only did the visuals for “Favors” impress me but I could instantly tell that Nick Gray had talent and his sound was a catalyst for something new, which I love with every new artist that I hear for the first time. Simply, to me at least, Nick Gray just had a different vibe, different sound that caught my attention. What shocked me most was that the visuals for “Favors” maybe had 4,000-5,000 views at the time, which was fucking insane to me. To that point, I started the blog to show love and appreciation to young artists that I personally find dope and Nick Gray caught my attention. “Favors” was an addictive track that I had to post on the blog. I posted the track on the blog and Gray showed love back, which enhanced my appreciation for Gray much more.

After my homie introduced me to Nick Gray and the visuals for “Favors”, I really couldn’t find anything else on the artist thereafter. I did follow his SoundCloud page in hopes to get a notification when his next track would drop. Once I followed his SoundCloud page, I did realize that Nick Gray was a relatively new artist coming out of Boston. He really only had two tracks: (1) “Favors” and (2) “Slow Motion”. As a fan of “Favors”, you know your boy had to press play on the “Slow Motion” track. I remember getting out of class, putting my headphones in, and just vibin’ out to “Slow Motion”. The next couple of tracks that really made become a true, loyal fan to Nick Gray was “Samantha” and “Jugglin (For Nothin?)”. “Samantha” is a dope track and I recommend everyone to check it out, if you don’t know too much about Nick Gray yet, but honestly that “Jugglin (For Nothin?)” track was in rotation for weeks. The track was so dope and I remember when Gray first dropped it, my boys and I were so hyped. The track was another great example of his uniqueness and another example of why I became a fan of his music.

Listening to “Jugglin (For Nothin?)” not only made me jump on the Nick Gray bandwagon but it also made me contact Gray through social media to setup an interview, which is shown below. I set up the interview because he was another wavy artist that deserved more appreciation and love for his work. However, I do have to add that the music community and other blogs are becoming more aware of Gray’s work, especially following the drop of his debut project, “Northside”. To the Prescribed Music community, definitely check out his newest project either in this post, on other blogs, or on SoundCloud. It’s a cohesive project that showcases Gray’s optimistic vibes, clever lyrics, and passion to share his story in a creative form. Ultimately, it’s a 10-track project that depicts Gray’s personal story as an upcoming artist in the game.

All in all, Nick Gray is a dope, young artist that is relatively starting to introduce himself fully to the game. He’s very talented, he as a created his own lane, and I have become a loyal fan of his work. I do hope that the Prescribed Music community and others get a chance to read this post, read the interview, check out his music, and become fans of his movement as well. He has great energy and I can tell that he is very passionate about his craft to make the best music possible. The Prescribed Music family is lucky to share our interview of Nick Gray below and make sure to check us out at for more Nick Gray news. Check out the interview with Nick Gray below and a couple of our favorite tracks from the artist as well.





View our interview with Nick Gray below:

PRESCRIBED MUSIC: How long have you been making music and how did you get started?

I started messing around with instruments from a really young age like four or five. I started to write songs comically in seventh grade then joined my first band and tried writing lyrics seriously. I didn’t really start rapping till like 12th grade and really started taking it seriously around eighteen/nineteen.

I really just liked chord progressions and melodies and the way lyrics painted a picture and always wanted to be the lead singer in a band.


PRESCRIBED MUSIC: What kind of music were you into growing up? What artists had a particular influence on you before you started your career?

This is gunna look like that favorite artist section on Facebook lol. But, the real first rap music I consciously listened too and knew I liked was Eminem when I was around 7 or 8. I liked it because it had swears and my mom said I couldn’t listen to it and it was kinda like a young kid rebelling doing what I couldn’t kinda thing. Then I got more into the rock stuff around seventh grade and loved Blink 182, Greenday type stuff. Then I discovered Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix and that trippy era sound. It wasn’t till high school that I started to get back into rap and started listening to a ton of Lil Wayne. I probably played his stuff for like 3 years straight. Besides him though I was into Kanye, Immortal Technique, Drake, Cudi, Charles Hamilton. MF Doom also. He had me listening for a grip and definitely inspired me to work on crazy word play flows. It’s actually crazy while I’m writing this just thinking about all the artists I use to listen too. I really don’t listen to that much music like I used too. Here and there but I’m definitely more into creating and making things that I like to listen to myself.


PRESCRIBED MUSIC: Who are some artists that you personally enjoy listening to?

Right now I really like listening to all of Kanye’s stuff. A couple of my homies make some good music too. Stizz, Christmas and OG deff keep me pushing it. I also really really like Curren$y. He’s always got super laid back dope flows. I love when people ride beats in a way you can’t really grasp it just goes. I really like Mackonnen too. I feel the emotional stuff he talks about and he’s got a super unique style. I love most of the stuff Metro and Mike Will make. I just really like melodic bangers.


PRESCRIBED MUSIC: If you could collaborate with any artist(s) dead or alive, who would it be?

Honestly, I really wanna collaborate with Mackonnen. Also, Mac Miller just because MF’s been saying how much we’re alike since I started rapping, it would be dope to make a few tracks just to give something to all those people and show I definitely have my own style. I also really respect his artistry and think together we could make some really cool music. But besides them, I’m down to work with anyone who makes dope music that can get you in your emotions. And not just sad emotions but excited and happy and feeling like the man emotions too.


PRESCRIBED MUSIC: What can fans expect from a live Nick Gray performance? Also, what is the first thing that comes to mind when you step on stage to perform?

On the Northside project, I was deff concentrating on packing it full of bouncy bangers so when the beats drop people can go wild. I deff want a high-energy set. But, I also have a couple chill heartfelt songs so we can take a break and connect on a chill level. I really put my heart into this stuff so I want people to really feel that when I’m up there.

The first thing that comes to mind on stage is finding the people who are making eye contact with me because they’re the ones who will go the craziest when the ish starts popping off. I like connecting with people and not to seem like I’m some unreachable figure. I want people to leave and still be thinking about it after they left. I’m sure as I progress my shows will be closer to being how I imagine them.


PRESCRIBED MUSIC: Any pre-show rituals before you take the stage?

I try to relax, hang out with my homies and crack some jokes. Also, drink a little liquor so I can get that confidence going and be loose when I’m out there. If there’s video games back stage I’ll probably be playing them. They help keep me chill.


PRESCRIBED MUSIC: Where would you most like to perform, if given the opportunity?

I don’t really care. Everywhere. Just as long it’s not any divey bars or little wack clubs with jenky sound systems. I just wanna perform places with really good quality sound systems. Big or small. Doesn’t matter.


PRESCRIBED MUSIC: Tell us something that fans would be surprised to know about Nick Gray?

I really don’t look at myself as a ‘rapper.’ Musically I see myself as a musician because I produce as well, but, my whole life doesn’t revolve around just rapping. I like to do things I guess some people would say are weird because they’re not like internet, social fads. I like cooking, I like being healthy (most of the time). I love video games haha. I’d rather buy a pack of beer and sit outside somewhere than be in a bar. I fucking hate clubs. Maybe it’s because I have social anxiety or something or maybe it’s just cause I see through all the superficial fake bs. Im a fucking hustler. I love making money. I work with my dad when he needs me, doing jobs with him. Usually super early in the morning or late at night. It’s mostly labor stuff. He owns his own business. Its small but he’s a fucking hustler too so he makes it work. I’m not a typical dude. I like doing what I want when I want and I always find a way to make it happen. I’ve also been fired from almost every job I’ve ever had. I just get bored. I hate wasting time.


PRESCRIBED MUSIC: If an individual never listened to your music before, what three tracks would you recommend from your discography?

Honestly, I make music so it doesn’t matter what 3 you’d happen to play you could get a good idea of who I am. But to name a couple, Juggling (For Nothin), Samantha, Favors, and the whole Northside project. You’ll get to know me for sure. Definitely listen to Playless. That pretty much my story.


PRESCRIBED MUSIC: What is one word to describe Nick Gray?

I can never answer these questions hahahah.


PRESCRIBED MUSIC: What do you hope to accomplish throughout your career?

I just want to wake up happy every day and make enough money so that my family never has to worry about another bill ever again. I want to make great timeless music that I still love 10 years later. I wanna make money 50 fucking different ways. I want to be able to make music because I love it not because I have to get paid.


PRESCRIBED MUSIC: Specifically, in a sense that transcends beyond Hip-Hop or Rap, what defines creative genius to you?

I feel like creative genius is being able to create something and not have it sound or be exactly what already has been made or is currently the popular trend. It’s gotta be unique. Or its taking exactly what the current sound/item is and making it sound/feel brand new. That’s really it. It’s gotta make the listener/user feel emotion. Creative genius is something that allows someone to figure out a solution to anything. How can we get over or around this wall? There’s solutions to pretty much everything if you have the drive and a creative mindfulness to take it all the way.


PRESCRIBED MUSIC: Do you have anything in the works that fans should be excited for?

There always something in the works my g.


PRESCRIBED MUSIC: What words of inspiration can you offer to today’s youth?

Don’t do fucking drugs. When I say that I mean don’t do any of these fucking fad drugs. Currently, its xanax and lean. That shit fucks you up. It’s not healthy. It leads to dead ends.

But, the thing I’ve learned so far is that balance is everything and moderation is key. Everything in moderation except meth, crack, and heroin. Never touch that fucking shit. Drink water. Stop drinking soda and sugary juices. Eat fruits and vegetables. Buy local. Stop eating microwave meals. Learn to cook. Exercise. Find things YOU enjoy doing and not just because it’s what everyone else is doing. Love your parents/ grandparents, and siblings. Spend time with them and talk to them while they’re still here. Get stoned and take your nana out to get ice cream. Show them snapchat filters hahaha. BE A GOOD PERSON. TREAT STRANGERS HOW YOU WOULD WANT THEM TO TREAT YOU. Don’t steal from anyone. Everyone is trying to better their situation just like you. Don’t trust the media. Don’t watch TV everyday. Read things. Question things. Don’t get too comfortable in any situation ever. Don’t rely on anyone else for anything. Watch your own back. Triple check things. Backup your hard drive onto another hard drive. Save money. Only buy things you could afford to buy twice. Accept your flaws. Fix what’s fixable. Smile. Enjoy the sun. Enjoy the rain. Enjoy the wind. Feel the cold. You’re not gunna wake up one day and then from that day on just be happy forever. Happiness is little things you do every day that make you feel good. You gotta be sad sometimes to know what happy feels like. Be happy sober. Drug highs don’t last. You can’t buy time back. Make the most of what you have and never think that the end means it’s over.


PRESCRIBED MUSIC: Any shout outs?

Deff. Shout out to Roy, Schaefe, Dan, Baby J, Dione, my brother, Mom and Dad, Bellis, Lil May, and all you MF’s that owe me something. Also, shout out to anyone who listens to my music. I make it for me but at the same time I make it for you guys. I appreciate any and all support.


PRESCRIBED MUSIC: What’s your favorite blogs to find music?

I like all blogs that don’t post any trash. But, honestly I don’t really go on any blogs lol. I mainly stay on Worldstar, live leak, and youtube for the fail compilations hahahah.

But shoutout Prescribed Music for real. I’m a nobody right now and they’re showing the kid some love.


Lastly, thanks to Nick Gray and his team for the interview


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