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It was only right that I get an interview with the young goat, Mykey Lo. The artist first caught my attention when I heard his extremely fire track titled, “Outta Town” on SoundCloud. I was music surfing on SoundCloud one day when I was blessed by the SoundCloud gods to hear the track. “Outta Town” was on repeat for weeks and I had to plug it into rotation by adding the cut to the Prescribed Music Vol. 5 created playlist, which is on the website. Honestly, go listen to “Outta Town” right now and I bet you hop on the Mykey Lo bandwagon immediately. Better yet, go watch the visuals for the music video on the blog or on YouTube.

Mykey Lo is definitely one of my favorite young, upcoming artists in the game right now. I believe that the artist has passion to better his craft and as a fan of his primary work, I am only excited for what the future holds with forthcoming releases. Examples such as “Outta Town” will excite any fan of his ability to create music as an artist. Other tracks such as “Grass” is another example of Mykey Lo’s consistent work ethic and production to construct dope music for his fans. As aforementioned in this post, if you don’t know too much about Mykey Lo then make sure to check out the visuals to his music video, “Grass”. The record, “Grass” was another track that confirmed my belief that Mykey Lo was the truth within the industry. Additionally, with the release of the music video, the track illustrated the fact that Mykey Lo was ready to take over the game and hit the game winner.

Everything stated so far, I am ready and excited to hear more releases from Mykey Lo. He has a relatively short discography, yet all of his tracks are fire. 2017 is only days away and Mykey Lo has already started to elucidate momentum with weekly releases heading into the New Year. All in all, the Prescribed Music family is happy to be a part of Mykey Lo’s movement and we hope that our fans get an opportunity to see what Mykey Lo is about and understand why we think that he has a bright future to be a standout within the league. Definitely keep him on your radar or you’ll miss out on amazing music for 2017.

Ultimately, I am excited for Mykey Lo’s evolution as an artist, because he is truly talented, as he has created his own lane in order to introduce himself to the game. Again, I do hope that the Prescribed Music community and others get a chance to read this post, read the interview below, check out his music, and become fans of the movement as well. Lastly, make sure to check out Mykey Lo updates on the website at www.drinkaudio.com and listen to our favorite tracks from the artist as well.








View our interview with Mykey Lo below:

PRESCRIBED MUSIC: How long have you been making music and how did you get started?

I’ve been writing since i was 8. i started taking it more serious in high school, when i moved to Jersey. i feel disconnected from the regular world when i get on my laptop.


PRESCRIBED MUSIC: What kind of music were you into growing up? What artists had a particular influence on you before you started your career?

My moms played a lot of 90s R&B around the house like, Joss Stone, Erykah Badu, Faith Evans, Prince, etc. My father was into 90s hip hop. he would school me on Nas, Raekwon, and all the NY older heads. i always dabbled, i was never stuck in one particular sound. i always had different playlists.


PRESCRIBED MUSIC: Who are some artists that you personally enjoy listening to?

I don’t have any favorites. there’s just too many out there to name. i’m literally always switching it up.


PRESCRIBED MUSIC: If you could collaborate any artist(s) dead or alive, who would it be?

Speaker Knockerz, RIP. that dude was raw.


PRESCRIBED MUSIC: What can fans expect from a live Mykey Lo performance? Also, what is the first thing that comes to mind when you step on stage to perform?

If you ever seen me more then once, you probably know i’m just random. Sometimes i’ll be in my bag and i’ll tear it up & other times i’m straight chillin, not really caring about getting rowdy and just being cooked up there saying what i have to.


PRESCRIBED MUSIC: Any pre-show rituals before you take the stage?

Nah, i dont think about it too much.


PRESCRIBED MUSIC: Where would you most like to perform, if given the opportunity?

Bro, find me the grimiest places where we can real rowdy & i’m always down to hit it up. BUT, given the opportunity, VMA’s. I’d do some unforgettable s***


PRESCRIBED MUSIC: Tell us something that fans would be surprised to know about Mykey Lo?

I’m really f***ing weird.


PRESCRIBED MUSIC: If an individual never listened to your music before, what three tracks would you recommend from your discography?

Definitely Grass, then Nebula, then Outta Town in that order.


PRESCRIBED MUSIC: What is one word to describe Mykey Lo?



PRESCRIBED MUSIC: What do you hope to accomplish throughout your career?

To say what we all think. do my thing until i cant any more.


PRESCRIBED MUSIC: Specifically, in a sense that transcends beyond Hip-Hop or Rap, what defines creative genius to you?

Somebody who can bend the way you think. if you can open up a door in my mind dude & create a new perspective for me, even in one aspect, you’re a f***ing legend.


PRESCRIBED MUSIC: Do you have anything in the works that fans should be excited for?

Yeah, a lot of things actually. a lot of dope collabs & new projects. just keep an eye out


PRESCRIBED MUSIC: What words of inspiration can you offer to today’s youth?

Stand for something or FALL FOR ANYTHING


PRESCRIBED MUSIC: Any shout outs?

Shoutout the misa boys of course, all my devdstock fam & last but not least the cigarette kids. this my family right here


PRESCRIBED MUSIC: What’s your favorite blogs to find music?

When i do hit the blogs the only two i go to are Hip Hop DX & Prescribed Music.



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