Today is a very special day within the Prescribed Music community. We’re nothing but honored to present to you the loyal followers and fans of dope music, a young star making super heavy waves from Texas. Today, we are ecstatic and beyond happy to introduce DontAskGen. He is a young rapper, singer, and songwriter representing from Houston, TX. Being from the southern music scene and the huge rap culture beyond that area, the young artist has developed a special gift to create art within the music that he produces.

To be honest, there’s something so special about DontAskGen and truthfully, the only correct way to recognize that is by taking a thorough visit to his SoundCloud page and actually getting the opportunity to consume all the dopeness and unique ambiences that he has curated together in his deep portfolio of music. That being said, I am more than happy that the Prescribed Music fam has the opportunity to put our fan base onto a new dope artist that in which, you can guys can talk about and start bumping within your individual friend groups. Speaking of a new dope artist, DontAskGen is a prime example of one that makes addicting music. The first time I came across the artist was a while back on SoundCloud. I could remember surfing through the songs on the trending section and getting lost in the waves of the sounds. Suddenly after, a song by DontAskGen popped up and played. It was called, “Cameo” and all I could remember was that, this dude really caught my attention with a very beautiful track. From there, I saw that he had a video that he released for the track as well.

Interestingly enough, I wanted to see who DontAskGen was and what he was all about, so I began snooping a little more and doing my own research. Doing this directed me to his official discography, whereby I got a firsthand peek at some more of his pure gems. I found “Forbidden Fruit” and “Selfless” and immediately from then on I pledged as a DontAskGen supporter and had to hop on the bandwagon; it was only right. Watching him distinguish his own unique sound and continually improve on perfecting his delivery of tasteful music is something that we at Prescribed Music truly adored most about DontAskGen. His music will continue to be in rotation, that said, it’s important we note right now that DontAskGen will stay cooking and serving up special blessings to the music world with more heat for 2017 and so forth.

Now guys, DontAskGen is guaranteed to blow up big time in early 2018 at this rate he is going. It really is that simple because his approach to music is truly one of its own and once again his delivery is just too fire.  I am personally appalled that DontAskGen is not as respected and known as he should be, but I am eager and willing to bet on myself that he cracks the seams into the music industry’s big lights and puts some of the people who may have slept early in awe.

There are many notable uprising candidates who can yield more respect and burst onto the music scene during late the 2k17 campaign, however I just want everyone to know that DontAskGen is certainly an artist that you must keep an eye out for because he will take off before anyone can actually hop on the bandwagon. With everything stated so far, watch our interview with Gen titled, “Prescribed Music vs. DontAskGen”. This is a new Youtube series whereby we interview our favorite artists. Lastly, shout out Gen and his team for letting us do the interview in the first place and also being a part of our Magazine series. That’s honestly love.

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