David Appolon best known by his stage name Gio Dee, is an American hip-hop artist/songwriter from Boston, Massachusetts. He is the leader of the Chef Boyz, a music group based out of the greater Boston Area. Appolon’s success thus far can be attributed to his “Mind Yo Business” EP which was released in December 2015 featuring Metro Boomin, Madeintyo, Iamsu, and TM88. It’s been a long road to success for Boston’s Gio Dee, but he’s finally getting his well deserved moment in the spotlight. With a sound unfamiliar to his natural born region, Gio has a talent that spans the ages, and transcends all borders, and on April 28, 2017 he finally delivered his debut album. Titled “Never Going Back”, the new 13 track album takes fans on a joyride of great sounds and even better storytelling.

DRINKAUDIO: For those that don’t know much about you, how did you get your artist stage name?

GIO DEE: It literally was a name change. My old rap name wasn’t appealing and so we had to change it to something else that would cause controversy and sell.

DRINKAUDIO: When did you start making music and when did you confidently know that you wanted to pursue music as full-time career?

GIO DEE: Started making music when I was 12 at church. There was a recording studio downstairs. I used to freestyle stuff there. Then after I graduated high school I went to an Audio Engineering program at BU. I dropped out because they weren’t teaching us how to record hip hop and then I went full time with doing it.

DRINKAUDIO: We know that you are in a greater Boston-area group called the “Chef Boyz.” How did the group start and are there other artists in the collective that people should put on their watchlist?

GIO DEE: We started out as group who used to just be at parties and shit. People was calling us the chefs. Then we decided to do music and that’s how the following started growing. As of right now the only artists to look for is Polo $ummers & Buddy L.U.V.

DRINKAUDIO: How did you feel when your “Mind Yo Business” track when viral on Vine via social media sensation, Jerry Purpdrank?

GIO DEE: Shit I was in the Bay riding to go get some Chic-fil-a, and my homie got a phone call and was like: “yo Gio’s MYB is on vine right now and the video is at a million views already.” I didn’t believe it. I pushed it to the side and just went about my day. Then when I got to the studio later that day I had mad notifications on every social media site. I looked at it and got excited. I knew it was go time.

DRINKAUDIO: Out of all of your projects released: “TOTB (This Is Only The Beginning)”, “Fashionably Late EP”, “TOTB: The 2nd Coming”, “Mind Yo Business EP”, “Never Going Back” which project is your favorite and which project do you personally feel brought you to the next level as an upcoming artist?

GIO DEE: I believe the MYB project brought me to the next level. But it’s not my favorite project. Superpowers is my favorite project to date.

DRINKAUDIO: How did you become friends with Quentin Miller?

GIO DEE: Social media. I hit Quentin on twitter to hop on a joint called vibes. He fucked with it and send me the verse back the next day. From there we just kept sending each other tracks consistently.

DRINKAUDIO: What is the music scene like in Massachusetts as a whole?

GIO DEE: I don’t know to be honest I’m not here as much as I used to be.

DRINKAUDIO: If there is one Boston artist that you could produce a collaborative project with, who would it be?

GIO DEE: Polo $ummers.

DRINKAUDIO: As of now, Prescribed Music’s favorite Boston artists are: Nick Gray, Cousin Stizz, & Vintage Lee. Do you have any collaborative works on the way?

GIO DEE: Naw. Shoutout to all of them though for pushing Boston forward.

DRINKAUDIO: What was it like opening up for IAMSU’s “Eyes On Me Tour” last summer?

GIO DEE: Crazy. It was one of the best learning experiences for me. I really appreciate the big bro Su. He showed me the ropes of this game and gave me mad insight on that tour. One of the most genuine niggas I’ve met in this game.

DRINKAUDIO: If an individual never listened to your music before, what three tracks would you recommend from your discography?

GIO DEE: “Humble Pie,” “Buzz LightYear,” and “Mind Yo Business.”

DRINKAUDIO: We know you’re prepping for the release of the “SuperPowers” EP. What can fans expect with this EP project and what was your creative process during the creation of the EP?

GIO DEE: This project isn’t like anything else I’ve made. It’s unique and special. It’s going to separate me from everyone and everything else coming out right now. I’ve worked on every track on this project from scratch with all the producers.

DRINKAUDIO: We at Prescribed Music see you as a talented artist with a great work ethic. What piece of advice can you tell individuals who want to follow their dreams and achieve their goals?

GIO DEE: Stay consistent. Focus on you and you will strive. Fuck what everyone else is doing. That shit is a distraction. It’s a marathon, not race. Pace yourself.

DRINKAUDIO: Any shout outs?

GIO DEE: Shoutout to you guys for being one of the best blogs out. Appreciate y’all always supporting and showing love. Superpowers on the way.


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